We believe that making things simple is difficult and this is why we do it.


We’re athletes, runners, bikers, swimmers, cross-fitters, designers, programmers, tinkerers, writers, speakers, engineers, developers, nutritionists, hikers, authors, bloggers, readers, travellers, organisers, volunteers, and hard workers.


We believe in keeping it simple. Everything that we release usually takes a lot of reviews and iterations. If something is not good enough, we throw it away and start again. Even though we work with software many times it feels like fiddling with hardware and making sure that all parts fit together perfectly.

That said, it doesn't mean we don't make mistakes, we are humans. When we make one you'll be the first one to know - keeping it simple, all the way.

From our point of view products should be: innovative, useful, elegant, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, enduring, precise and have as little features as possible to fulfil it's purpose. Less is better because it concentrates on the essential aspects of the product and removes the non-essentials.