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We Help Coaches Do What They Do Best - Coach.

We believe that your biggest value as a personal trainer is coaching and not spending time with spreadsheets, pdfs, or emails.

For Coaches

Antelope, personal trainer software, helps coaches and athletes to easily and joyfully collaborate together. Our online personal trainer program, allows you to create reusable templates, share calendar, mange online-payments, use lean analytics and much more …

For Athletes

Easily (one click) share with your personal trainer all activities (support for +50 devices). See beautifully designed workouts, schedule competitions, send real-time messages, keep track of your improvements and much more …

Cycles in Antelope


Lean Analytics

Analytics, in our sport coaching software, are divided in three views, just as our calendar - day, week, month. Each of the view shows you different granularity and of athletes workouts and activities to give personal trainer details that are needed at every step.

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Library & Templates

All your workouts neatly organized.

Our personal trainer software allows you to neatly organise and group workout templates, which can be reused for each of your athletes with their personal information. It’s like giving all your athletes a t-shirt and not worrying about the size since it will auto adjust to his/her body metrics.

Library in Antelope
Cycles in Antelope


Do more with less

Cycles are one of the most powerful and at the same time one of the easiest tool for personal trainers. Cycles allows you to create days, weeks, months, years of training schedule by simply dragging your templates to a specific day. There are two kind of cycles: backward - start with a goal (competition) and plan backwards, or forward - start to plan with a first day of training.

In short just as bicycle allows your athlete to move faster from one place to the other, cycles allows you to do the same with scheduling a plan for your athlete.



Define the way you want to coach

Methodology allows personal trainer to define disciplines and zones. By creating the methodology a sport coach creates a blueprint for all athletes. With the blueprint created the coach or athlete can provide her or his values for each zone so that when the athlete sees the training in the calendar all values are specific for this athlete.

Methodology is also tightly connected to your templates. When you create disciplines and zones they will be input values for your templates. You decide what you want to use and what is important to you as a coach.

Methodology in Antelope
Payments in Antelope


Your payments automised

How much time does it take you to prepare invoices, send them and then track them? Is this something that you would prefer to automise? Now, with Antelope Payments - you can! Everything has been built-up for you: setup, send and accept online payments (automatic transfer to your bank account) in Antelope. To securely process payments we use Stripe, which has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.


All devices, all activities, one place

Polar, Soleus, Sunnto, Garmin, Timex, SRM …

Connect to watches, bracelets or any other device that your athletes use and have everything in one place. It's as simple as one click for your athlete and you get all your's athletes data within Antelope. Runs, bikes, swims, gyms - all of it!

To make this possible we utilise fantastic service provider such as Strava. Therefore your athlete needs to create Strava account and hook it up to Antelope - it's literally one click. When this is done - just sit back, relax and enjoy the stream of activities.

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Activities in Antelope

Mobile Apps

Any device, any operating system

Antelope, personal trainer app, works also perfectly on any mobile device. No installation required, no updates needed. Just add the app to your home screen and you use it as your favourite online sport coaching software. We’ll take care of updates and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Install guide on Android or iOS

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